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Turbocharged, Supercharged, and Hotrod Motorcycles: [turbobike] MR Turbo Kits - Good or Bad?

[turbobike] MR Turbo Kits - Good or Bad?

Tim Drew (timdrew@cix.co.uk)
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 15:36 +0100 (BST)

Hi all,

I'm new to this mailing list so I apologise in advance if these questions
have already been asked.

I have a 1992 European spec GSX-R1100-N (Last of the 1127cc air/oil cooled
types)the bike is very much standard at the moment with the exception of
the usual boring race pipe and stage 3 Dynojet kit etc.

I'm starting to get bored with the current setup and have decided I would
like to do something a bit outrageous and ether Turbo or Supercharge the
bike, but don't have much knowledge of what's available.

I intend to use the bike mainly for fast street use with maybe the
occasional track or Run-wot-ya-brung outing. I also want to retain the
plastic body work.

It seems to me that the easiest option is to buy a ready-to-go bolt on
kit. The only suppler I know of is MR.TURBO so I Faxed them requesting
information about their kits, but haven't received a reply yet, in the
meantime I have a few questions for the panel:

1) Are there any ready-to-go turbo kit manufactures other than MR.TURBO?
2) Does anyone have any experience or comments regarding the MR.TURBO
   kits, ether good or bad?
3) Does anyone manufacture a mechanically driven supercharger kit for the
4) Any other suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


Tim Drew