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Re: [turbobike] Re: Signed Guestbook

Rick (gsxr1100@ptw.com)
Tue, 12 May 1998 09:55:45 -0700

>This is (all night Dyno) Dave from VT Motorsports Formula SAE team.  We're
>running a 1997 F3 on the dyno right now w/ a Garrett GT15VNT turbo.  We
>don't run intercooled because our stupid rules stipulate throttle must be
>before the turbo (and the 20mm diameter restrictor, DOAH!!)  We noticed a
>5% increase in lap times w/ an intercooler vs. without when we ran Squirt,
>our 1993-1994 car.  We're running an Electromotive TEC II fuel/ignition
>system which works pretty well.  In fact, I'll be working for them this
>summer, so if you want kick ass ignition and/or different fuel injection,
>gimme a shout.

I have been considering using the Electromotive TEC II fuel/ignition
system for a while and will do so soon so keep me posted on your development
with it
what Electromotive software are you using ?

 (From talking to my driving instructor in PCA, he's seen
>the Electromotive ignition drop Summit Point times about 0.8 seconds vs. a
>stock 911 ignition.  Granted it is vs. a traditional distributor system,
>but it definitely does the job.)  Anyways, pardon me, I've been up 30 hours
>straight doing dyno testing/car fabricating.  We're driving on friday, and
>DEFINITELY on sunday for the VT FSAE 10th anneversary/auto-x.  well, i was
>wondering what compression ratio you would reccomend for us.

I would reccomend the highest cr. that you can use without detnation
do you use water injection?
what fuel ?

 stock F2 is
>11.6 to 1, F3 is 12.0 to 1, and i believe we got custom $$$ weisco pistons
>that were lower compression.  i'm still finding out exactly what the
>compression was when we blew the hole through the piston due to a clogged
>fuel injector (some unnamed person on the team rigged the GM quad 4 fuel
>pressure regulator with some type of sealant the disingrates in race gas.


>this clogged the #2 injector and leand it out juuuusssst a biiittt....(nice
>and white exhaust ports,.....hmmmmmm........a little to lean....hole
>through wiesco.....DOAH! pistons are on order, and russ will pick them up
>tomorrow, so we'll be back on the dyno tomorrow night...hopefully.  last
>year i ran 7 psi of boost, and we choked flow @ 9000 rpm. (torque curve
>drops off sharply.)  i made something like 50.7 ft-lbs @ 9000 rpm
>uncorrected. I can send you dyno charts from excel if you'd like, both nat
>asp and turbo'd.

love to see them

  turbo final dyno fr. last year, nat asp final fr. this
>year, turbo final this year coming in 2-3 business days...  I'd like to
>keep the compression up fairly high to keep the volumetric efficiency up,
>but our actual compression ratio w/ boost factored in is really high
>already.  can you significantly lower the compression of a Honda CBR 600 F3
>w/ a thick ass head gasket, or is milling the pistons the way to go?

you want to keep your squish (piston to head clearance) as small as possible
without contact keep in mind that parts stretch on the gsxr motor we have to
leave .050 in squish I dont know on a F3 motor I would think less.
so the thick head gasket is out milling the pistons will weaken the piston
crown and on a turbo motor you want thicker not thinner the right choice is
to get a custom piston from Arias, JE or MTC .
there is a guy from arias on the turbobike list

Send some pictures if you have some I'll posts them to the web site
Turbo Rick
Web page
300HP Turbo GSXR1100
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>getting stock honda pistons as that's what erion racing uses, and we've
>never burnt a stock honda piston up.  kick ass webpage!  i'm pretty close
>to getting my first bike (~1 week or so, after i tell the 'rents!)  thanks
>for the turbo mailing list and all of the help.
>Dave Schumpert
>'95-'98 VT Motorsports Formula SAE cars
>'73 914 2.0
>At 04:34 PM 5/11/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Well first of all I wouldn't recommend a 12:1 ratio for a turbo engine
>>like 8:1 or 9:1 ratio
>>second the pistons would fail like mine did third the cylinders would be
>>thin for a turbo motor so they would warp
>>Turbo Rick
>>Web page
>>300HP Turbo GSXR1100
>>Street bike, Technical, Pictures
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>>From: Ray T. Caresosa <rcaresos@ichips.intel.com>
>>To: Rick <gsxr1100@ptw.com>
>>Date: Monday, May 11, 1998 4:14 PM
>>Subject: Re: Signed Guestbook
>>>Hey Rick,
>>>I forgot to ask you...if I bore the 1052 and use OEM 1127 pistons, to
>>>a 12:1 ratio, would the turbo kit "drastically" shorten the life of the
>>>when I race it?