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Re: [turbobike] Re: Signed Guestbook

Rick (gsxr1100@ptw.com)
Tue, 12 May 1998 09:28:42 -0700

Ray The 1127 motor has better parts like the rods ,crank, head, transmission
I still run 10:1 compression but that isn't the Cr. of choice. I will be
going to a 9:1 piston soon.
and before you ask about a thicker head gasket that isn't the right way to
do it your squish gets to big you want to keep that at .050 in

>I've checked the compression ratio between the 1052's and the 1127's. The
>compression ratio for the 1052 is 9.7:1 and the 1127 is 10:1. From our last
>chat you recommended a engine with a 8:1 or a 9:1 ratio, yet you say the
>is a better motor. I know the 1127 has more torque, but I would like to
have a
>turbo charge that won't be so harsh on the engine and at the same time will
>let me be beat the tires off those new bikes on the sprint tracks. Can you
>please clarify this for me? Thanks
>Soon to be a fellow turbo charger,