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[turbobike] priority breather valve

Dave Morrill (david.p.morrill@fairchildsemi.com)
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 15:58:22 -0400

Turbo Rick,

VERY Impressive job on the GSXR.  I'm amazed you can keep back tires on
that thing!  I've been working on turbocharging a ZRT800 snowmobile over
the past year and I know what it's like putting these projects
together.  I use a similar setup as you, mitsu TE04H turbo blowing
through electronic fuel injection (with a computer I designed and built
myself).  I also built the exhaust/intake/efi manifolds, etc. etc.. 
Snowmobiles are similar to bikes, lot of intake pulsing, very short
intake duration/high rpm, not much room to work, etc..  I'm estimating
about 300hp at 15lbs of boost on a cold day w/116 octane, intercooling
will be my next mod, no dyno info yet.

I'm interested in your priority breather valve.  I suffer from some
minor turbo lag that I've worked around by raising my clutch engagement
to 6000 rpm.  This is rough on equipment.

I've been thinking about designing something like this for a long time,
but was reluctant to hack into my intake manifold.   When I saw that you
are successfully using something like that, it really peaked my

Is it something you made or bought, what can you tell me about it?

I also just picked up a CBR600 F3.  Might be the next turbo project,
although I believe if your going to do a project like this, it's best to
start with a big motor like you did.

anyway, thanks,