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[turbobike] Re: timing retards

Jeffrey K. Churchill (jcperformance@juno.com)
Tue, 28 Dec 1999 14:07:31 -0500

I was using a boost activated retard on my test Buell,  until I got the
water injection
sorted out,....now I find the need to tune all over again with less
retard giving more
overall performance.  Will let everyone know how it ultimately turns out.
 I need to 
verify max advance at different boost setting before conclusions,...and
this cold
weather makes it tough.
   I think what boost, static compression, fuel, and chamber design have
a LOT to
do with it.  The big twin is certainly more prone to detonate than more
engines,...so I don't know how relevant my results are.

Jeff Churchill

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On Tue, 28 Dec 1999 11:50:33 -0600 "Tim Meenan" <tmeenan@flash.net>
> Rick or any of the street bike guys.  Do you run timing retards on 
> your
> turbo? IF so what degree of retard and at what RPM does it retard 
> at?  How
> much boost do you run?
> Thanks, Tim