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RE: [turbobike] Bandit 1200 turbo

Tim Meenan (tmeenan@flash.net)
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 15:56:23 -0600

Great choice!  The lower compression and bigger cc than the GSXR motor works
really good on a turbo. If you are going to ride it on the street, get the
mikuni flat slide carb. It has an idle circuit and is real streetable. We
built one with a Mr Turbo kit and it runs 8.60's (8" swing arm extensions)
in the quarter without ever going into the motor.

You should be able to get 180+ hp out of it on pump gas with no problem.

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Subject: [turbobike] Bandit 1200 turbo

Anyone here ever turbocharge a 1200cc Bandit?  Mr. Turbo shows on their
website a kit for it.  Has anyone heard anything good or bad about it?

How about what's involved in making it survive?  Clutch?  Drivability?

Any info appreciated.  Thanks!

Rob Miles
'00 Bandit 1200S - red
'73 Honda CB750 - red
'85 Omni GLH turbo - gold
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