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Re: [turbobike] OK ZX9

Sat, 18 Dec 1999 04:05:00 EST

In a message dated 12/18/99 12:58:25 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
rawant@webtv.net writes:

<< I TRIED CHANGING SPRINGS , but thats not the problem. I started with one
 stiffer spring and that helped a little bit , so I went to an even
 stiffer spring and still (sputter,sputter) I went to a double spring, so
 strong that the slide barely operated and still sputter. I think its the
 float level. I bet thats whats happening in your application also.
 Anyone else out there got any ideas.  THANX >>

Mine carburates very cleanly excpet for a slight stumble at around 5k.Which 
is no biggie for me cause I launch at 7500 RPMs anyways.Have you had the bike 
on a dyno yet?Have you installed an air/fuel ratio monitor?A dyno chart may 
give one of us an idea of whats going on.An air/fuel monitor will tell you if 
exactly what is happening.
What fuel pressure regulator are you using?How are you pressurizing the float 
bowls?In all the dyno runs I made(well over 100) my tuner and I never touched 
the float height.Without a dyno and/or a fuel/air monitor tuning a bike will 
take forever.
Another thought would be to try to contact the guys that Mark Moisan gets his 
kits from and see if they would be willing to share their secret with you.