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[turbobike] Re: Need More!

Jeffrey K. Churchill (jcperformance@juno.com)
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 09:31:24 -0500

  A low mounted turbo is possible,..but it needs an oil extractor system
that increases complexity, plumbing, cost, etc.  Also a low mounted
turbo CANNOT be ridden in heavy rain,..the turbo will suck a lot of water
into the motor from front wheel splash.
  I will find some pics and send them asap.
I have not found the need for an intercooler as yet.  Remember,  the
makes so much power you can only use full throttle for 10 or 15 seconds,
not  time for too much heat and detonation problems.  This is true of
street turbo bikes,  bikes designed for top speed are not in this
  A water injection system will suffice for almost any
setup under 20 psi boost.  That will get you close to 200 rear wheel HP,
really overkill and too much for a roadrace chassis like the Buell.  I
always found that around 160 RWHP  gives more than enough street
performance for most expert riders.  Properly used, it will keep you
and competitive in most encounters. ( I did say MOST)
  The oiling system for the T-2 is simple,...unfortuneately typing is not
thing,...and long answers don't leave time for shop work,...and are
complex !
  I hope this helps.

Jeff Churchill

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On Fri, 3 Dec 1999 07:12:42 EST MSDCKelley@aol.com writes:
> Can't get your turbo out of my head....Thank-you for being honest 
> with me.
> I still want to know more about your two packages and what we can 
> build for 
> my 2000 M2. I have ordered the Thunderheart Programable Ignition 
> Module. I 
> feel it is the best Ignition for standard and developing Buells. 
> This module 
> allows PC hook up to fine tune and curve or develope a new one. I 
> liked the 
> option of an Ignition curve that would retard as the boost builds. 
> So figure 
> a package for me that does not include an ignition. I still would 
> like to 
> include my Exhaust header but if you have a header that tucks under 
> the new 
> frame like the factory...included it !  Would you please take some 
> pictures 
> of your bike on the left side so I could see the location of the 
> turbo.
> I do not have an aerocharger unit to build from. I do like the 
> tucked under 
> the left rear  location of the early style...I guess they went to 
> the front 
> left side to eliminate the lag and intercooler....speaking of 
> intercooler...will your package include one and where is it mounted? 
>  Tell me 
> more about the oiling system for the turbo.
> Lets keep this simple...tell me everything I need to Know!
> Thanks Mike