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Re: [turbobike] aerodyne turbo

Jeffrey K. Churchill (jcperformance@juno.com)
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 10:59:46 -0500

 Remember my personal experience involves a Harley XL 1200 cc low
rpm twin,...the uneven and powerful exhaust pulses are a little hard on
the turbo,..and require exact sizing.
  The Aerodyne vatn feature is too delicate for a HD.  Sheet metal vanes
are used,..which break and distort when and if the motor sneezes or 
backfires,...which it WILL  unless you are a genius at tuning,..and never
make a mistake. (certainly not me)  When that happens the variable
turbine a/r feature becomes worse than if it didn't exist.   In any case
Garrett  T-2  which i now use,...has better response than the Aerodyne
in perfect condition,...and more volume airflow too. (something I'll call
of boost)   It has survived backfires that blew it OFF the bike !
  In my opinion,..the kit did not build on the inherent HD
strengths,..low and mid-range
torque,...rather made the power too late in the limited range (2500 -
6800) of the 
  In fairness to Aerocharger,..the kit as supplied does pretty much what
they say,
but is not upgradeable to any great degree,...and I take issue with many
of the system itself.  The ignition curve with supplied module was not
nor did it have a boost re-tard feature,...the fuel system was
good,...but the carb
jetting was crude,...took away a lot of performance and fuel efficiency. 
The system
plumbing was designed for a given power level,..almost self
a good idea in a way.
  The self oiling feature is terrific,..but is not worth the rest,....the
unit is not
rebuildable except by the factory. ( expensive, time consuming)  Anybody
re-build a Garrett,   fast and cheap (plus they last forever)
  What else can I say ??   I'm already on Aerodyne's shit list,...and
everybody else
that uses that product in kits,...who knows, maybe they've improved.  I
should be
old enough not to get suckered by new products,...but hey it happens all
the time
in the high performance business.  I do not have an axe to grind,...its
just the way
I see it.  I am pretty much retired from regular work,..and do this stuff
for satisfaction
and grin factor.  I more interested in enthusiasts  getting what they
expect, rather than
being dissappoinited in performance modifications.
  I hope this and the dyno charts I sent everyone earlier helps someone
make a 
more informed choice.

Ride safe, ride every chance you get !

I have an appointment with a turkey,..later

Jeff Churchill

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On Thu, 25 Nov 1999 02:21:30 EST ABNZX9@aol.com writes:
> Jeff,
> What types of problems did you experience with the Aerodyne?