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Re: [turbobike] Carb Question

Wed, 24 Nov 1999 08:05:10 -0500

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That ignition retard is a good idea.  By getting the fuel to burn in the exhaust
you could build big boost - you just wouldn't want to do it too long.....

Garretts, similar to what is on my ZX-11.  I know that Gary Clark has a Garrett
on his now.  Jerry Lownsberry (from my area here) built one this year, and then
Keith Lynn followed and switched over from the Rayjay E60 to a Garrett (In fact
I have his old Rayjay).  They have a larger capacity and they also spin up

I think that so called "standard" equipment is so readily available in the US
that there is much less creativity here than in Europe.  the tendency seems to
be a lot of copying going on.  We often see the more unconventional and
sometimes groundbreaking ideas coming out of Europe (500cc Jawas on Nitro, the
Billet Racing guys, etc)


Christer Johansson <christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se> on 11/23/99 05:40:38

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Couldn´t you use a ignition retard on the starting line wich retarded qite
heavily? I belive that would create extremly hot exhausts wich in turn
would spool up the turbo by the moving energy in the hot gases.
I belive there is one guy here in Sweden that uses it with great sucess.

Is there anybody in the U.S using another turbo than the common Rayjay,
Garrett, Aerodyne?
I have seen extremly good results with Mitsubishi, KKK and especially
Schwitzer, wich I belive will outperfom even many ball bearing turbos.
There is a Swedish based dragbike team that uses a Schwitzer S300
turbo on their pro mod (or is it funny bike?) with great results.
They have runned 6,93 at 209mph on gasoline ,so far.


shammar@nsk-corp.com skrev:

> The reason the fuynnybikes wing their engines is that the turbos are huge
> (really almost over-sized for the application and unusable on the street) and
> they want boost immediately off the line.  The only way to build boost on the
> line is to spin the turbine by increasing the mass airflow past the turbine.
> Simply holding the revs up won't do it since the throttle body or carb is
> closed and flows little air.  So you have to either get wildly on and off full
> throttle or go on the 2-step.  A healthy nitrous dump off the line also brings
> the boost up.  Once you're up, however, then you're running 40-50 psi boost
> 500+ horsepower, depending on your combination.
> Your Aerocharger is a very small turbo compared to your friends draw through
> (probably an FF40 Rayjay).  His turbo will ultimately make more power, but
> is more user friendly on a street machine.  The Rayjay is also a very old,
> inertia design which doesn't help.  The normal thing to do on the old Rayjays
> build as much displacement into the engine as possible to make a better match
> the turbo.  My old FJ wouldn't build any appreciable boost until 6000 rpm with
> the stock 1098 motor, and then it was like being kicked by a mule.  By bumping
> it to 1314cc it built boost at 4000 rpm and only brought peak power down from
> 10,300 to 10,000 rpm.  It filled in the midrange like you wouldn't believe and
> made it much more fun to ride.
> L8R
> ABNZX9@aol.com on 11/23/99 04:28:06 AM
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> << I believe that the amount of time it will
>  take to fill the plenum will be insignificant.
>   >>
> Could this be why some turbo dragbikes rev the bike repeatedly at the line?
> That is one thing I really like about my Aerodyne compared to a friends draw
> thru turboed GSXR my bike has no turbo lag whatsover.