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Re: [turbobike] virus

Fri, 12 Nov 1999 14:01:03 -0500


I wasn't suggesting it was your fault.  We were just warned about a new type of
virus that doesn't require you to open an executable file.  Apparently all you
need to do is highlight the item in your inbox and it takes off, sending itself
to eveyone in your address book.  I don't remember the name because I deleted
the file, but I think it was something unusual like bubble-something.  I'm not
sure how it works or anything else about it.

I saw a show on TV recently (I think it was 20/20) about how hackers get into
your computer.  They send you a "Trojan Horse" program that does some silly
little graphics or something - maybe a holiday greeting - and then it allows the
sender to see everything you type - usernames, passwords, everything.  If you
have banking information on your computer - you're screwed.

Speaking of Happy99, I never got hit with it, but noticed it sitting in my
C:/temp file a while back.  I called the IST guys and they were able to remove
it.  I don't know how it was imported into my system.  We use McAffee Vshield
and it works pretty well.


Bryan <bgoodwin@iquest.net> on 11/12/99 01:47:30 PM

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Subject:  [turbobike] virus

As far as I know, a virus must come in the form of an executable file. I do
not recall any .exe's in my email of recent and I am always wary of any
such email. I have scanned for viruses but my virus file is probably out of
date. It couldn't detect Happy99 when I got hit with it (that sucked, lost

If anyone has any insight into how someone can send email from my computer
without me knowing, I'd really like to hear about it, or perhaps they are
able to see my information such as address book and sig file. Whatever,
info wanted.
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