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RE: [turbobike] Fw: Help set-up turbo bike

Tim Meenan (tmeenan@flash.net)
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 09:40:14 -0600

Jeff, If you waste gate works opposite of mine, pressure from the plenum
keeps the waste gate closed, use air pressure from your air shifter to give
it extra push on the waste gate. I know a lot of the Mr. Turbo waste gates
work this way. All you need to do is get an adjustable air valve and set the
pressure where you want the desired boost. Than activate the solenoid which
is in line from your air tank and like magic you have extra pressure keeping
your waste gate closed and producing more boost. You can even add a timer to
progressively build boost the whole time. All this fun stuff can be found at

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It is really pretty simple. My waste gate opens from pressure from the
plenum, so when the pressure is greater than the spring pressure in the
waste gate, it opens. So, if you bleed off the pressure going to the waste
gate, you make more boost. I have a 3 stage setup. 1st stage has no bleed
off. I have the spring tension at the least it will go. The second stage
bleeds air off from the line from the plenum to the waste gate. The 3rd
stage bleeds even more air producing more boost.
The kit originally came from HRC, but it would be pretty simple to
reproduce. It has 2 air solenoids that open or close depending on where you
have the switch set. The amount of air that is bled off depends on the size
of the jet on each solenoid.

It works great for betting at the track. They see you run hard(what they
perceive as hard) all day. Then when there is some $$ on the line, with the
flick of a switch, you pick up 50 or 75 horsepower. Pretty Sneaky!

Here are a few pictures.

The line on the left comes from the plenum. It has a one way valve at the
end. The knob to the left of the solenoid is an adjustable bleeder to
determine how quick pressure gets to the waste gate. Next to the knob are
the 2 solenoids, then the line which goes to the waste gate.

I hope all that wasn't too confusing. It is not really that complicated and
it works great.
Good Luck, Tim

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   Can you expand a little on the multi-stage boost set-up ?   Parts,
config,  etc ??
Sounds very nasty !

Jeff Churchill

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On Wed, 10 Nov 1999 14:57:21 -0600 "Tim Meenan" <tmeenan@flash.net>
> I have a GSXR 1188 Turbo. I run a 120 main jet out of a super E carb
> with
> stock ignition.  I recommend getting a fuel pump.You need it to keep
> the
> bowl full. At high boost you will use fuel faster than gravity will
> feed the
> carb. If your motor goes lean for any reason, you can really mess it
> up. I
> run C16 fuel in mine and have a multistage boost switch set at 8,17
> and 25
> lbs boost. You should expect to see about 190hp at 8lbs boost, 240
> at 17 and
> don't know what my top stage does.
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>   From: Dave Shaw
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>   Subject: Fw: Help set-up turbo bike
>   Hi guys
>   I have just finished putting together suzuki turbo in martek
> frame.
>   Using suzuki gsx1100 katana motor, bored to 1260,welded
> crank,heavy duty
> rods,
>   straight cut-gears,m.r.e lock-up clutch,etc,etc.
>   8-1 compression ratio.Draw-thru turbo set-up.
>   Turbo is Rajay 302B with S&S B81 carb.Ignition is Dyna 2000.
>   I have started bike and everything seems ok.
>   Not ridden yet, as still waiting some cycle parts.
>   Bike to be set-up on dyno,would like to get turbo set-up close
> before-hand.
>   My question is,as i have not ridden or set-up turbobike before.
>   Where do i start.ie;
>   Jet for carb ?? Currently Main jet is 100
>   Ignition - retarded ??.
>   Fuel is gravity fed from Pingel tap.
>   What bhp can i expect,and what p.s.i. can i go to, with current
> build of
> bike using
>   gravity fed,pump fuel.
>   Any info & help much appreciated.
>                      Dave