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Re: [turbobike] ATP American Turbo Pack - any good?

Fri, 29 Oct 1999 07:45:28 -0400

I'm still running a modified  XS-11 kit on my FJ!!  It's as good as any other
draw through stuff.

By the way, I have a complete KZ funnybike turbo kit for sale, with the big E60
Rayjay.  It's set up for three fogger nozzles and has the pipes (with egt
ports), manifold, wastegate, boost gage with tell tale, Holley blue fuel pump
and S&S carb, and it's ready to go into the sixes.  $1750 is the asking price.


"Andy Freeman" <andyf@deakin.edu.au> on 10/29/99 03:03:28 AM

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Subject:  [turbobike] ATP American Turbo Pack - any good?

I've just found a cheap ATP turbo, it was on an XS1.1
and I hope to put it onto a Kawasaki KZ-1000.
Anyone on the list had good/bad experiences with
the ATP turbos?