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[turbobike] Supercharging little things

John-Boy Cadwell (Jcadwell@gonzaga.edu)
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 21:20:16 -0700

having been on the mailing list for a little while, I suppose it is my
time to open my mouth, however uneducated it will sound...  Being a
college student, and perpetually on the short of cash end of the
spectrum, my inability to turbocharge something big is not a reflection
of lack of interest.  I have however, fallen into an early yamaha 80cc
two stroke, and was curios.  I have read the post earlier about the
"dirt cheap supercharger" and was curious as to the realism of this
claim.  If it would work I have the fabrication knowledge and facilities
here at my school, (I am in the engineering program, and can use the
machine shop), but not having a large base of knowledge about
implimentation I would not want to destroy an otherwise functional
motorcycle by cutting it up to find out it does not work.  Is using an
emissions air pump really possible?  What sort of flow requirments would
it need at say 9000 rpm?  I would use the bike primarily for road racing
in the mini moto classes.  I firmly believe that I could more cheaply
turbocharge this bike using a smog pump to attain power than by trying
get power by trying to port, polish, pipe, and whatnot.  But if this
idea is not feasible I would appreciate input.  i am under the
assumption that supercharging would be simpler and less complicated than
turbocharging?  Is this correct?  what are the advantages and
disadvantages of each?  ?Has anyone ever tried anything this small?
What are the things to think about?  Any help would be splendid, thanks
for your time... John Cadwell, Jr.