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Re: [turbobike] Hey fellas

Tim Drew (tim@timdrew.co.uk)
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 10:13 +0100 (BST)

> Now, the problem Im having is that I installed a set of 140 mains in the
> carbs, and It seem to be bogging out at low RPMS . No spunk no get up
> and go until about 6 or 7 grand and then all hell breaks loose. Yea
> after 6 or 7 grand the thing takes off like a rocket. Could it be that
> the bike is running really rich at low RPMs and when the boost comes in
> it leans it back out?

If the bike is running right on boost but is rich at low revs it sounds 
like your pressurising the carburettors OK. I'd try doping the needles, 
then setting the pilot air screws for best fast idle.

I don't know how you have designed your system, but if you haven't got a 
big priority air valve then when the bike is off boost and in effect 
naturally aspirated you will have a much greater restriction to the air 
flow than a bike with a stock induction system. I assume the bike is maybe 
having to suck a lot harder at low revs (off boost) and this is causing it 
to run rich.


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