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Fri, 1 Oct 1999 08:29:08 -0400

Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you.

The tank thing sounds tough.  If you can't reach through the filler opening, you
may have no choice but to weld or braze.

Custom exhausts are expensive.  You could always buy your own welder if you're
serious.  That way you can also fix it when it cracks, as well as make all of
those other things you really need a welder for.

You should be able to rotate the turbo housing.  The old Rayjays and such just
have a band clamp you loosen.  My Garrett has a retaining plate with a series of
bolts that need to be loosened.

We like pictures.


"Rick" <gsxr1100@ptw.com> on 09/30/99 09:07:38 PM

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> Subject: My turbo project
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> For any who might be interested or can help...
> I chose to turbo my current bike instead of
> getting the latest/greatest. A '91 VRF750. The fuel
> system is going ok except attaching a fuel return line
> to the tank. I have a hollow nut/bolt with a seal but
> how can I keep the bolt inside the tank from spinning?
> The area I can reach thru the top is too curved to get
> a good seal. I'd prefer not to weld the tank.
> I couldn't find ANYONE to weld up the V4 headers.
> Except for Buster who is "the man" for custom exhaust
> systems... $700!! I did some welding years ago so I'm
> going to rent a welder and try to do it myself. That
> or
> is there a decent way to "tack" the parts together for
> fit-up and take it to a welder to get finished?
> The intercooler will never fit.
> The oil pressure where I plan to feed from is
> 60-80psi.
> Turbo's need ~40psi.
> I need to rotate the catridge 90 degrees for the
> intake
> and exhaust hookups to point in the correct direction
> and still have good draining for the turbo.
> Do I just use snap ring pliers to loosen and rotate
> the
> housings?
> Whew. Any suggestions on all these problems would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Also, would anyone be interested in before/during/
> after pictures on a web page?
> Brian
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