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Rick (gsxr1100@ptw.com)
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 18:07:38 -0700

> Subject: My turbo project
> To: turbobike@natvideo.com
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> For any who might be interested or can help...
> I chose to turbo my current bike instead of
> getting the latest/greatest. A '91 VRF750. The fuel
> system is going ok except attaching a fuel return line
> to the tank. I have a hollow nut/bolt with a seal but
> how can I keep the bolt inside the tank from spinning?
> The area I can reach thru the top is too curved to get
> a good seal. I'd prefer not to weld the tank.
> I couldn't find ANYONE to weld up the V4 headers.
> Except for Buster who is "the man" for custom exhaust
> systems... $700!! I did some welding years ago so I'm
> going to rent a welder and try to do it myself. That
> or
> is there a decent way to "tack" the parts together for
> fit-up and take it to a welder to get finished?
> The intercooler will never fit.
> The oil pressure where I plan to feed from is
> 60-80psi.
> Turbo's need ~40psi.
> I need to rotate the catridge 90 degrees for the
> intake
> and exhaust hookups to point in the correct direction
> and still have good draining for the turbo.
> Do I just use snap ring pliers to loosen and rotate
> the
> housings?
> Whew. Any suggestions on all these problems would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Also, would anyone be interested in before/during/
> after pictures on a web page?
> Brian
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