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                    Finally. Turbo guru Erik Marklund of McXpress in Sweden =
is finally putting togeather a Turbo for the
                    Hayabusa. It is ordered by the famous stunt man Gary Rot=
hwell from England. He is planning to use
                    it to take back the world wheelie record currently beein=
g held by Patrick Furstenhoff of Sweden. He
                    did one at 201 MPH ( over 320 kmh ) on a McXpress Turbo =
Blackbird. ( picture at:
                    http://www.mc-xpress.com/bikes/turbo.htm just remember t=
at the qoutes are in KW multiply by 1,36
                    to get horsepower.....)
                    Rothwell has ordered a cool 400 hp on his Busa.... And f=
riends form USA. Once again these Turboes
                    DOES WORK ...period. No turbo lag...no problems with stu=
mble at low end...no carburetor problems
                    ( or injector problems ) I know it sounds to good to be =
true but I have tried hree different now and they
                    all work ( http://www.mc-xpress.com/bikes/turbocyklar.ht=
m Both on this pictures have been between
                    my legs. Man its something else with a 750 with 200 hp a=
nd 170 kg. )
                    Pictures and dyno as soon as they are ready.....
                    One note though , the turbo for sale will not be 400 but =
more like 250 hp. Not because of relability
                    problems with the bike , more like the buyers....they wi=
ll melt theyr brains if they get 400
                    McXpress turboes are availb. in USA under the name Ameri=
can Turbo Systems in Florida. Call him
                    for a testride. He will be happy to give U the ultimate =
speedthrill ( Can I collect my free turbo now Erik
                    ? )