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Re: [turbobike] Supercharger project GL1100

Fri, 27 Aug 1999 09:48:01 -0400

Cool site!  Please let us know how well this system works.  I'd say if you can
get a knock sensor/retard system that works, go for it.  To be really useful, it
should be a system that gives you some feedback so you know exactly when it's
retarding and by how much.  I have a friend who has such a system on his boat,
and he knows exactly what fuel quality he needs for each combination (it's a big
block Chevy with a blower and nitrous, and he can see if he needs better fuel
when he runs the nitrous, for example.  He switched from 106 to 110 based on
this, although now he runs 94 with water injection successfully).  For your bike
you should probably start with maybe 7 psi on 92 octane.  Water injection would
bring this up over 10 psi without any problem I'm sure.  The limit really
depends on how good your combustion chamber is and how restictive the cylinder
head is.  The most difficult part will be detection of detonation on a water
cooled engine.  As far as alternative fuel, other than race gas, all you can
really do is run the best pump gas (like 93 or 94) you can find plus octane
boost if you don't mind the hassle.  The water injection (really 50/50
water/methanol) is probably the best bet.  Will the bike be intercooled?  It
should be if at all possible.

Good Luck.
Bob in Ann Arbor, MI

WCame23238@aol.com on 08/27/99 08:56:17 AM

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Subject:  [turbobike] Supercharger project GL1100

I am going to install a SDS engine management system on my hot rod gold wing.
http://www.sdsefi.com  I plan on getting the F system that controls spark
retard along with boost. This is a street hot rod and will run on 92 octane
gas CR 9.0 How much boost should I be limited to and would a retard knock
sensor be a good idea. Also is there a better fuel for a street bike. As this
is my first boost type project, I sure would appreciate any help that's out
there.  Thanks,  Bill in San Diego