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Re: [turbobike] Sound

Bill Charette (five0@skypoint.com)
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 15:26:57 -0500 (CDT)


I used to own an 85 FJ (crashed badly at the end of april, bike was
totalled) altho mine was stock. I had Supertrapp slip-on's and I was
hugely impressed with how throaty mine sounded.  I ran 5 disks in the
silencers if I wanted to just 'be normal' (and polite neighbor-wise) and I
simply took the end caps and disks off the silencers if I wanted that
NASTY sound.  Granted, this took some power away, but I was willing to
trade it for the 'look at that nasty sounding bike' effect it gave me.
I've been around other big bikes (GSXR1100, GS1150E, GPz1100, Ninja 900,
etc) with stock AND modified exhaust, and while other bikes were LOUDER
than mine, none of them ever had that same deep down intimidating throaty
growl that my FJ had.  I think there was something special about the way
the FJ engine was built (unintentionally) in terms of intake and exhaust
and how they worked together to make an exhaust note

BTW, there's an FJ mailing list if you're interested (I'm still a member)

send an email to majordomo@netpath.net and put

subscribe yamahafj <email address>

in the message body if you're interested

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