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Re: [turbobike] Is riding a turbo bike difficult?

Wed, 4 Aug 1999 09:34:35 -0400

Depending on what level you set the boost at, they can be docile or violent.
They don't have to be tire spinning wheelie machines unless you want that.  The
nice part is the adjustability.

I'd buy the 9.  You can always turbo that if you want more later.


"Buras, Keith" <Keith.Buras@sea.siemens.com> on 08/04/99 09:08:50 AM

To:   "'tbike'" <turbobike@natvideo.com>
cc:    (bcc: Bob Shammas/EQA/Nsk-Corp)

Subject:  [turbobike] Is riding a turbo bike difficult?

For those turbo bike owners, what's the ride like?

I'd be worried to yank the throttle open as you come out of a turn like on a
NA bike.  If I hit the gas coming out of a turn in my RX7 TT, the back end
does some weird things and I can only imagine the outcome on a bike.  Is the
turbo really useable on twistie roads or does more care need to be taken?

I'm debating on putting a turbo on my F3 or wait till next year and get a
ZX-9R, any opinions?