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Mon, 26 Jul 1999 20:59:07 -0700

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There is no difference between medical grade nitrous oxide and the nitrous
most shops sell except the shops generally get "nitrous plus". Nitrous plus
has an additive called sulfer dioxide at a ratio of 100 parts per million .
It is used to prevent substance abuse. It will not decrease performance in
any way.

>In a message dated 99-07-26 04:43:54 EDT, you write:
><< It is mentioned in the FAQ section of the NOS website that medical
> oxide does not give a performance improvement. What is the difference
> between the stuff they sell and what is used by a dentist? >>
>It does not give a performance improvement over the "racer" nitrous.
>The "racer" nitrous has an additive in it that will make you sick if you
>inhale it.