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Re: [turbobike] Buell question

Tue, 20 Jul 1999 10:19:02 +0200

Aha, so there are a few about... This may sound like a very thick 
question (so what's new)
but how the devil do you ride such torquey bikes? I can see with big 
inline fours that to just potter about (blown or stock) one just stays 
out of the power band higher in the revs, but a Buell/HD, are torquey 
enough anyway, and only rev thru to 5-6000 and that's it. So with a 
blower what do you do, just ride it around in 5th all day? If you can 
smoke a blown full dress, surely a relatively lively thing like the 
Buell is gonna eat tyres no matter how gently you try and ride it, coz 
the main thrust is coming in so low down. 110 horses at 5000 revs 
sounds mental. Makes my 6 seem puny.
Hohum, roll on the next pay cheque.

><<Dateianlage: UNAUTHEN.TXT>>
>  I still have the turbo Buell,..been very busy in the shop.  Went high
>tens  at  128 mph on a sweltering hot day last week  with my very tall
>street gearing.  I think there's another couple of tenths in
>it,....don't know if I can ride it any better tho.   Not bad for a stock
>1200 XL  motor.  Haven't had time for dyno runs in over a year,......but
>the mph  indicates mid ten's potential.  BTW  I have  28,000  miles on it
>now,....still doesn't leak a drop unless i detonate it,....

>I didn't do the post, but I have a Buell with an Aerocharger. My guess
>is about 110 at the rear wheel. The new Harley dealer has offered free
>dyno time as soon as their machine comes in. I'll turbo everything I
>ever ride from now on. Swamp Boogie Doug

>The owner of American Harley Davidson here in town put an Aerodyne kit on his
>1340cc full dresser.  That bike dynoed at 58Hp on the Dynojet when 
stock.  With
>9psi he was getting 94Hp and 110 ft.lb. out of it.  That big beast is 
great for
>laying black marks in the parking lot.  I know he bumped the boost up to 11psi
>and saw 110Hp, but I'm not sure what the torque was.  I suspect over 
125 ft.lb.
>given the previous data.