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[turbobike] Re: Hey shammar

Anthony Seacer (rawant@webtv.net)
Thu, 8 Jul 1999 01:00:39 -0700 (PDT)

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NNNNNaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! These turbo units actually have a horizontally
positioned cylinder over the shaft, taking the place of the exhaust
turbine housing, and turbine. This cylinder has hydraulic fluid hose
fittings. The system uses some kinda hydraulic pump to force fluid into
the cylinder, in which the fluid flows in a circular motion as would the
exhaust turbine if it were used. Hi tech huh. I also saw the little
motors that your speaking of. The bad thing about those is they're only
good for 1 pound.           Hey my bike comes stock with 130 main jets.
I don't know if thats 0,130" or some other 130 but I have A set of 140s
in my grubby little paws as we speak. I also have a carbon fibre air box
that Im gonna adapt to hold boost pressure. Pretty trick huh. Oh yea I
dont know why but Im getting boost in neutral by just revving the motor,
is that normal?

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