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Re: [turbobike] Oil pump

Tim Drew (timdrew@cix.co.uk)
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 08:54 +0100 (BST)

Hi Jeff,

Check out the SHURflo web site at: http://www.shurflo.com

I bought my pump directly from SHURflo-UK and it was a *lot* cheaper than 
the distributer prices I've seen advertised.

I tried a SHURflo 8000 series pump on my GSX-R11 T3 blow-through but ran 
into problems. I fabricated a vented oil pan that sat under the left hand 
side of the sump which the returned oil from the turbo gravity drained 
into. I then used the SHURflo 8000 series pump to return the oil to the 
crank case. This worked fine until the oil got hot (and I guess less 
viscus) at which point the pump couldn't keep up and the oil pan over 
flowed and vented the oil into the exhaust, and over the back tyre!

I still don't like the idea of returning the hot oil from the turbo 
directly into the engines oil pick up, but for the time being I've 
admitted defeat with the electric pump and gone for the tried and tested 
route of using the bikes own oil pump to scavenge the returned oil.

My new oil return system uses a 1/2" dia slash cut tube welded into the 
oil pickup at a slight angle, but it only sticks in about 3/4" so there is 
little restriction. I then fabricated a reed valve assembly similar to the 
design Rick posted, but I'm using a .120" aluminium plate with a large 
square hole in it. The the reed is made from .025" spring steel with a 1" 
by 1/2" wide slot close to the mounting screws to reduce the spring 
pressure. I drilled two 6mm bypass holes in the aluminium plate to aid 
priming and allow a little oil to free flow from the sump into the 
pick-up. I also riveted the ends of the reed mounting screws just incase 
one was to come loose and a nut get sucked into the oil pump! I've fitted 
a short flexible pipe from the new 1/2" slash cut tube to a -8 JIC male 
fitting welded to the back of the sump, this is connected to a 180 deg 
Goodrich fitting and a braided pipe that runs under the left hand side of 
the sump to a flap valve located at the lowest point directly under the 
oil cooler take off pipe fittings at the front for the sump. This system 
works perfectly, and there isn't as much as a hint of smoke from the 
exhaust even at start-up after the bike has been standing unused for days.


Tim Drew