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[turbobike] I'm baaack

Wed, 9 Jun 1999 13:33:37 -0400

I'm back on the list with a new email address (this is my work address).  The
last email I received at the old one was from Greg with the RB Racing 900RR
(Greg - I paged you the other day) .

Everyone's been too silent lately!!  Somebody has to be boosting out there.  My
RB ZX-11 project is coming along well.  I have about 800 miles on it now.
Everything's good except some low speed drivability issues, which according to
RB are because of the large injectors.  I may have to go to smaller ones for
every day use.  Besides, who needs 30 psi on an intercooled system on the street
with a stock wheelbase??  This thing is phenomenal at 8-10psi!!!  Without
dynoing it I'd say 8 psi is around 200 Hp at the rear wheel, maybe just shy,
which is like 15 psi on my draw through FJ1314 and 25 psi or more on an old KZ.
The best part is that you can run over 200 Hp on 94 octane without water
injection.  I must say that the 1314cc on the FJ shows up as serious off-boost
grunt and boost starting at 4000 rpm which makes it a ton of fun to actually
ride around on.  The ZX is really closer to 6000 rpm before anything happens,
which is what the stock FJ was like.  Of course we are talking about different
compressors here anyway.