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Re: [turbobike] new to list & turbocharging

Dave Morrill (david.p.morrill@fairchildsemi.com)
Tue, 25 May 1999 08:41:51 -0400

    You can get the check valve at Grainger or any hydraulic supply house.
You can easily put new bearings in, but balancing may be tricky, I've done one
by marking the compressor wheel so I could put it back in the same spot
relative to the turbine wheel and it worked.  You can get rebuild kits from a
bunch of places on the net, including

    Would love to see how you made your priority air intake valve.

good luck,

> Hi guys
> I am new to this list and new to turbocharging anything so bare with me if
> my question are dumb or have already been covered before. I own a 1978
> Kawasaki LTD 1000. I have a turbo off
> of a 1984 Chrysler Laser 2.2 liter 4 cylinder. The turbo is a AiResearch
> m10 with a AR of .48. I have made my own header, intercooler,intake,pop off
> valve, and priority valve. I work at a welding, fabrication, machine shop.
> My questions are where do you guys get the one way check
> valves that go in the oil lines, I can't locate any. Can the average person
> put new seals
> and bearings in a turbo? If so any idea where to obtian the parts? How can
> a person tell if
> the turbo is spinning up to speed?( I think mine needs rebuilt ) I am also
> trying to find a
> "dial a boost control" like the one shown in Joe Halie's book. My turbo has
> the waste gate on
> it that came on the Laser and opens at 7 psi. Any help and tips would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks Jeff