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[turbobike] Re: SOHC Honda headgasket problem

Joe Allan (beak@seaside.net)
Thu, 20 May 1999 15:44:31 -0700

Hello Again;
      Thanks for all the advice on the SOHC headgasket problem, much
appreciated....I did anneal the gasket but did not o-ring it, it was sort of
an experimental project that got carried away, and it felt so good and
pulled so hard that the "I'll just kept making one more run" sort of
thinking took over.  It's a drop the motor show to re-torque also.....so you
can guess what happened there.  Live and learn :-)
  Comparing my turboed SOHC to the supercharged SOHC makes for  an
interesting difference, the blown motor seems to pull from bottom to top in
a more "easy" way, while the turbo seems to "hit" at a higher rpm. Could be
the Auto tranny on the blown bike though that contributes to that feeling.
The Honda Auto trans is a neat sort of setup, WFO in low and stomp it into
high...just like an old Chevy slushbox :-) Fast is fun. Thanks again
 Joe Allan
 Vancouver Island