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Re: [turbobike] Problem

Rick (gsxr1100@ptw.com)
Thu, 20 May 1999 07:37:47 -0700

Don't worry it is totally normal I have never seen a turbo spin when
an engine over and sometimes they don't spin when the engine is idling
Look for your problem elsewhere.
Ignition?? fuel??

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> I have put together a 1394 GPZ Turbo.  I have completed my turbo
> installation.  The problem that I am having is that when I turn the motor
> over to be cranked I am looking at the turbo wheel inside the turbo and it
> is not spinning.  The motor has compression, but why isn't the turbo wheel
> spinning.  I have a triple stage wastegate on this, but I have it plugged
> off.  The other thing could be the turbo unit.  There is no play or slack
> in my unit.  If you take your hand and turn it, it rolls smoothly just
> any other turbo unit.  We could not get this motor to crank.  I understand
> if the wheel is not moving then the turbo is not sending gas to the motor.
> Has anyone ever seen this symptom before.