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RE: [turbobike] CBR900 or GSXR1100

Varela, Jaime Gabriel (JVarela@filenet.com)
Tue, 11 May 1999 15:21:19 -0700

Hi John,

I have a non-turboed '91 GSXR 1100 (1127cc) and have ridden a non-turboed

I hate to admit that the CBR felt almost as powerful as my GSXR.  The only
thing about the CBR is, that it's a wheelie machine.  Every time I tried
punching its power the front end would come off the ground.  

No matter when I would apply the same amount of power on my GSXR (mostly
everyday), my baby would stay planted and go into light speed mode.

A CBR has great naturally aspirated power, almost equal to an 1100s, but its
light weight would be more beneficial for the twisties.  I don't think one
needs a turbo to carve the canyons.  CBR900 stock power is more than enough.
Rider's skills come more into play when carving the canyons.

The short wheel base of a CBR900 with a turbo would be very difficult to
keep planted.  A turbo is a great addition to a GSXR 1100.  The GSXR has a
long wheel base which makes more sense with a turbo.  The GSXR's extra
weight also helps keep the machine stable at extraordinary speeds (GSXR1100
+ turbo = extraordinary speed).  You have to keep in mind, a majority of the
time you will be going straight.

Therefore, although my ride isn't turbocharged, I would recommend a
GSXR1100.  Last thing I would want to do is turbocharge a 900 if I had one.
I think I'd be more worried about keeping my front tire on the asphalt than
reaching my max speed.  This is obviously just my opinion.



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GSXR11 !!!!!!

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> Guys,
>     I pooched my turbo on the CBR600 (backfiring), and am going to
> Americade in June, so I need a bike to get me there and back.  I won't
> have the turbo fixed by then so...
> Tonight I'm looking at the following bikes to buy, and will probably
> turbo the one I get after I finish the 600.  Which is better for a
> turbo??
> '95 CBR900RR
> '95 GSXR1100
> thanks,
>     Dave.

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