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[turbobike] starting line procedure

Tue, 4 May 1999 11:25:56 EDT

  Hello all, my name is Thomas Gafa and I'm fairly new to this list. I have a 
couple of questions that I hope someone can answer. I have an '86 GSXR1100 
Mr. Turbo draw through system with a mikuni hsr42 carb. I have JE 78mm 9.5:1 
pistons (1109cc). I was wondering 1) what is the proper starting line 
procedure for this type of system at the drag strip. For example, would you 
hold the rpms at a constant rpm, or wing the throttle constantly to get the 
turbo spinning? I do not have wheelie bars, I am running a street tire, and 
my swingarm is not extended yet but will be extended +6" in the near future. 
Also, 2) what should the exhaust gas temp be at the header collector, at the 
turbo exhaust inlet, and at the turbo exhaust outlet. I had an EGT sensor at 
the turbo exhaust outlet, and I never got above 1300 degrees F while under 
boost. I think the temps would be 200-300 degrees F warmer at the collector 
and turbo inlet, but I was wondering if anyone has measured this or knows 
what the ideal temps would be? I have a 230 main jet in the carb, and have 
run 19-22 lbs boost. I collapsed the ring lands on the stock 1 and 4 pistons, 
thus the new lower compression JE pistons. Also, 3) what is the best gearing 
for dragstrip use for this setup without a wheelie bar? I am using a 15 tooth 
counter sprocket and a 47 tooth rear sprocket. Stock is 14/47 sprockets. ANY 
help or response would be GREATLY appreciated. If you need to know any other 
specs, please let me know.