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Re: [turbobike] custom turbo

Dave Schumpert (porsche_boy@vt.edu)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 18:55:20 +0600

If anyone needs one of these pumps, we have one we are no longer using.  It
saw about 2-3 hours of use max last year, and being that we built our own
dry sump this year, we no longer need it.  I got mine from westech, and
think it was around $250 or so.  any resonable offers will be considered.
please email me back if you are in need of an almost new pump and don't want
to shell out $250 for it.   thanks

Dave Schumpert 
Virginia Tech Formula SAE engine team

At 12:47 PM 4/21/99 edt, you wrote:
>   The pump is a 'Shurflo'    distributed by Westech  (512-847-8918) 
>used by NASCAR for circulating rear-end lube,..among other tough jobs.
>   The problem of oiling at idle is mostly because the dynamic oil seals
>in the turbo require a certain rotation speed of the shaft to be
>effective ,...and depending on turbine A/R   it could be spinning too
>slow.  I think the 'stagger-gap' sealing rings sold by Turboentics  help
>Jeff Churchill
>J.C. Performance    617-06  Bicycle Path   Port Jefferson Station   NY  
>11776    USA
>tech:  516-928-6679  or  516-928-9863
>website:     http://www.jcperformance.com/
>On Tue, 20 Apr 1999 21:39:14 -0400 (EDT) grg5@cornell.edu writes:
>>what type of pump do you use for oil extraction?  does anyone else 
>>any suggestions to pull oil out of a turbo so that it doesn't go into 
>>intake side at idle?
>>Gary Gannon
>>Engine Team Leader
>>Cornell FSAE Racing
>>Turbocharged Fuel Injected FZR600 Powered Racecar
>>On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Jeff Churchill wrote:
>>> Christer,
>>>       Re:  your answer to George K.  about the oil line 
>>> think you answered my question/problem.   I have a T-2  on a Buell 
>>> mounted under the motor,...oil is filling up the turbo when it
>>> sits,....tho I have an  electric extraction pump pulling oil 
>>> I run the pump for a few moments after engine shut-off.  I didn't  
>>> a one-way valve was necessary,.....can't see how oil makes it 
>>> the pump after shut-off,...but it does. What do you use for a 
>>> valve ???
>>> Jeff Churchill
>>> J.C. Performance    617-06  Bicycle Path   Port Jefferson Station   
>>> 11776    USA
>>> tech:  516-928-6679  or  516-928-9863
>>> website:     http://www.jcperformance.com/