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Re: [turbobike] Fw: BOUNCE turbobike@natvideo.com: Non-member submission from ["Heavy" <heavy@adelphia.net>]

Abraham Mara (AbeFM@dis.member.org)
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 21:34:49 -0000

I have a rajay turbo from a "turbo city" kit, from 1980 or so, and it's the
same design, though I don't care much for the intake and exaust headers, it
seems to work pretty well.  The plugs don't stay all that clean however.  Do
you know the model number of the carb they used?  Where did you get your
pistons?  I seem to have lots of problems finding pistons for the bike, that
don't require either the stock bore, or resleeving, as far as low
compression forged parts go.

> Hello  everyone, I also think that people are also missing a very
> way of turbocharging, last season, I bought a new Mr. Turbo for my old
> 1428cc KZ1000.  In the newer kits, they will use one of the new Mikuni HSR
> "Harley" carbs to draw through instead of a S&S carb.  I was not looking
> forward to fouling plugs and general lag, setup pain associated with the
> draw-through systems, but the HSR worked excellent, not one bad plug all
> year, I did burn-up 2 sets of valve seals though in about  1600 miles.