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Re: [turbobike] custom turbo

Christer Johansson (christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se)
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 22:39:51 +0200


I used to have an oil pressure operated one way valve but
I had trouble getting it to work properly.
Either the spring inside was to hard so it didnt open when I
started the motor or it was to soft and it didnt close on shutdown.
Now I have a small flap valve (thanks to a Scottish gentleman)
wich reqires very little suction to open. I havent tried it yet
but it is exactly what I tried to find when the old valve were giving
Me trouble. It is made by Hinge I belive. I have seen similar valves
in US mag ads, I belive Kinsler have something like it.
Hope this helps / Christer

Jeff Churchill skrev:

> Christer,
>       Re:  your answer to George K.  about the oil line placement,.....I
> think you answered my question/problem.   I have a T-2  on a Buell
> mounted under the motor,...oil is filling up the turbo when it
> sits,....tho I have an  electric extraction pump pulling oil out,....and
> I run the pump for a few moments after engine shut-off.  I didn't  think
> a one-way valve was necessary,.....can't see how oil makes it through
> the pump after shut-off,...but it does. What do you use for a one-way
> valve ???
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