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Re: [turbobike] Nitrous Problems - warning, long post

sebastian (nxtlvlrcng@email.msn.com)
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 22:29:25 -0700

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From: Jon Jarosz <jjarosz@camhydro.com>
To: 'Turbobike Mailing List' <turbobike@natvideo.com>
Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 1:26 PM
Subject: [turbobike] Nitrous Problems - warning, long post

Hello Jonny nitrous! First what compression ratio?Second what kind of timing
do you run?What nitrous system? What nozzles or foggers?What jetting? There
are many possible reasons why this could be happening . In regards to bottle
pressure 1200psi is way to much!!! Running this pressure in the bottle will
create a lean condition and you will probably damage your motor. 800-900 is
what I recommend for optimum performance. Answer these questions for me and
I will see what I can do for you.

>I know this is strictly a turbo list, but I can't get any help on my other
>list because no one else is using nitrous, so I'm sorry if it doesn't
>apply.  Here's the history of the bike:
>Year 1:
>Stock 1988 Yamaha FJ1200, 1188cc's
>K&N filters
>Dynojet stage III kit (I can't remember needle & jet sizes, but it was what
>the kit recommended)
>Accel coils
>Vance & Hines Supersport Kit, Quitech II baffle
>Factory ignition advancer
>Bike dyno'd 113 horsepower to the rear wheel, 13, 000 km's on motor, approx
>18 degrees Celsius outside
>Year 2:
>Same as above, but with nitrous kit, phase II jets bike dyno's 150
>horsepower exactly to the rear wheel, approx 30,000 km's on the bike,
>similar dyno conditions, different dyno - ignition advancer removed
>Year 3:
>My darkest hour.  Bent valves, scorched pistons, burnt seals, blown clutch
>at dyno shootout (103 to the rear wheel, 148 with the NOS, phase III jets =
>approx 50 horse rating), twisted swingarm, chain lets go drag racing big
> mess etc
>Year 4:
>"streetfighter" polish & port
>degreed cams/slotted sprockets
>stainless valves, complete head rebuild - new seats, seals, guides, etc
>bike bored to 1219cc's, new Wiseco's
>Dyna coils & Taylor leads
>Supertrapp Stealth stainless exhaust (I know I know but it was the only
>complete stainless system for the bike) 14 plates - dyno'd to remove flat
>spot with V&H pipe - 6 hp gain across midrange
>phase IV nitrous jets - on paper, 68 bhp gain
>heavy-duty billet clutch, new chain & sprockets, clutch spring conversion,
>115 to the rear without the juice, 154 with, 80 pounds torque no sauce, 100
>pounds with
>I have stock carbs, and they're synched yearly.  New plugs gapped
>correctly, etc.  The bike runs like a dream.  43,000 km's on the bike, 4500
>km's on rebuilt top end.
>Is this motor maxed-out for what I've done to it?  Why is it staying at
>around the 150 mark?
>This fall I'm going to either turbo or blower it, but I'm pissed off with
>these results for this year.
>Thanks for the help.
>Jonny Nitrous