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Re: [turbobike] turbocharging a 1074 gsxr

Jeff Churchill (jcperformance@juno.com)
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 11:46:13 edt

  Yes,....have run up to 20 psi.  My best result was with the stock cv
carb,  modified N72V needle and 240 main.  The idle circuit was opened up
too.  I'm running S-2 cams,...mildest available from HD,....I think the
exhaust backpressure from the Aerocharger necessitates  more fuel from
the idle circuit than stock can supply (less signal)   Its just in the
quest for more power and better midrange,....when i lean it out too much
and get a lean backfire the turbo is basically ruined.  I can't deal with
that. A good old Garrett is almost bulletproof and good enough for
aircraft.  We''ll see.
   Your dual plugging is excellent.

Jeff Churchill

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On Wed, 14 Apr 1999 15:19:24 -0500 Doug Cutler <DCutler@Mundaca.com>
>Jeff, I have an aerocharger, just installed on an M2. We dropped 
>advance to 26 degrees. Have flowed heads, dual plugged. Are you 
>running the additional boost module?
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>   I agree,....my  Buell  has  10.3  /1  (cc'd) compression,  30 
>max lead and  10 degree retard at 5 psi,....with 15 psi  on Cam II 
>  and
> 10 psi on pump,... (no intercooler) although I don't stay in it hard 
>over a mile,....it doesn't detonate,.....60 miles per gal too !    BTW 
>its easy to tell when it detonates,....if you can't hear it,.....the
>cylinders lift off the case and it leaks a little oil around the base 
> :)
>Jeff Churchill
>J.C. Performance    617-06  Bicycle Path   Port Jefferson Station   NY 
>11776    USA
>tech:  516-928-6679  or  516-928-9863
>website:     http://www.jcperformance.com/