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John C Williamson (john.williamson5@virgin.net)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 19:17:56 +0100

I used to work for performance bikes regularly for around 5 years, testing
(with the aid of a mobile dyno) every bike featured in the mag including all
the stock stuff.

PB only seemed interested in full tests of standard bikes mainly at
Bruntingthorpe. The only serious turbo bikes I ever did a full test on were
Dean Williamsons GSXR1100 & Dave Butters Turbo Yamaha 1000 Exup, with the
other bikes tested that day not performing well or blowing up...  Speed
testing was not performed due to a massive downpour that lasted all day
long. Would have been an eye opener though!

Deans bike (an 'old' 1100G with 8'' rear rim with 190 tyre and a longer arm)
made 273BHP at almost 2 bar boost (difficult to read), normally this is just
over 1 bar but he has an extra little lever that holds the wastegate shut in
case he isnt winning...
This thing is his daily run roadbike in summer, even going to the ISLE OF
MAN for fun and a sprint meeting.
It is also officially the fastest 'streetbike' in europe over the standing
quarter mile. Mid eight seconds at around 170mph if my memory serves
correctly. This thing is reliable too!

Dave Butters exup 1000 is unusual and all home built. It made about 225bhp
on the day but was not going as well as it should have done.

My dyno software complete with these two bikes and many others is available
for download free from my site at
http://freespace.virgin.net/dyno.power/dynopower.htm This software is
basically the same as Dynojets and directly comparable.

My turbobike was destroyed by a fire. I personally used to have a GSX 1100E
(GS1100E in the US) with a Rayjay TO4E mr turbo system, and 2 stages of
nitrous as a kind of wake up..)
This was not dyno tested unfortunately, before it got destroyed

I also used to build dyno systems from scratch for cars and bikes. My
completely stock GSXR1100WP suzuki made 190 bhp on gas and 135 or 6 without.
This had stock everything exept for a hidden N2O system. This too is on the
free software.


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> I'm surprised I haven't seen many of these monsters (like the twin-turbo'd
> VFR) between the pages of Performance Bike or Streetfighters.  Any of you
> been featured?
> Jonny Nitrous