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RE: [turbobike] pls. advise

Varela, Jaime Gabriel (JVarela@filenet.com)
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 11:01:53 -0800

Wuss-up Jay,
I only have a stock 1991 1100GSXR and have found them to be very reliable. 
Apart from reliability they hall ass stock, let alone if you're lucky enough
modify your bike with a turbo (I hope to do so in the near future).  Saudi
Arabia sounds like it should have some long highways to take advantage of an
1100's power.  I feel it is also good for city and congested traffic use
also because it is comfortable and easy to maneuver (this from a guy that is
only 5' 7", 120lbs and drives on the freeways and streets of L.A. California
during rush hour).  Since you're looking into purchasing a '98, I would
highly recommend that you hold off until Suzuki begins to sell its 1300cc
Hayabusa, or is it spelled Hayabasa (you get the idea).  This upcoming bike
sounds like it has a crap loud of power out the door and a turbo would be
"icing" on the cake. I don't know much about the Kawasaki Ninja 1000(I think
Kawasaki only makes a 1000 twin cc), but the Kawasaki Ninja 1100 sounds
faster and easier to work with.  My opinion is biased, but I would go with
Suzuki.  Good Luck!

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I've joined the turbobike list for quite some time even though I did not

have a bike. However I am now in a position to acquire one and would

like to get some input for me to be able to select a good buy and bike.

Currently I am looking at the 98 Susuki GSXR-1100 or the Kawasaki Ninja

1000cc (?). I hope that although this is a non turbo issue listmember

would provide me some of their expert opinions. Although I intend to use

this on the streets I am also interested in later modifications. There

is no race track here in Saudi Arabia for bikes.