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[turbobike] Lose 10 lbs in 30 days without diet or exercise, Guaranteed!

31 Dec 98 6:14:18 PM

Lose 10 lbs in 30 days without dieting or exercise, guaranteed.

"I can't believe the results.  I've been struggling with my weight for
years.  Now I am losing 3 pounds a week without even dieting."
-Michael B., Cherry Hill, NJ

"I am eating all the food I enjoy like pizza and ice cream, and I am losing
weight.  This is nothing short of a miracle."
-Noel W., Fort Lauderdale, FL

The miracle you've been waiting for is now here.  But your doctor may not tell you about it because doctors don't make money this way--they make money when you have to return for office visits every month to get another prescription for diet pills.

You can now dramatically reduce the number of calories your body absorbs with no effort--without changing your eating or exercise habits.

FiberLean(TM) is a non-prescription weight loss supplement that binds fat, making much of the fat you eat pass through and out of your body, without being absorbed.

Recent research has shown that diets just don't work.  95% of people who lose weight on diets eventually regain the weight, and often gain back more than what they lose.  Now medical research has led scientists to a new solution:


FiberLean(TM) is a new product now available in the United States.
FiberLean(TM) contains high quality, food grade Chitosan--a natural dietary fiber made from the exoskeletons of shellfish.

In worldwide medical studies, Chitosan has been repeatedly found to
actually bind to fat molecules, making much of the fat you eat
indigestible.  Additionally, research shows that Chitosan can lower
cholesterol absorption and blood cholesterol levels substantially.
Chitosan has been proven to dramatically reduce the number of calories your body absorbs--without changing your eating or exercise habits.

Chitosan is gaining popularity in the medical community at an incredible rate, and is now considered by many scientists and doctors to be one of then safest and most effective weight control and cholesterol lowering supplements available.


Try FiberLean(TM) risk-free.  Your satisfaction is unconditionally
guaranteed.  If you do not lose at least 10 pounds within the first month of using FiberLean(TM), simply return the unused portion of your order within 60 days of receiving it for a full refund--no questions asked.


Unlike other fibers, FiberLean(TM) has a strong positive electric molecular charge.  Fat has a strong negative molecular charge.  Opposite charges attract, so FiberLean(TM) and fat have a very strong attraction to eachother like opposite poles of a magnet.

Acting like a magnet for fat,  FiberLean(TM) attracts fat molecules into large, non-digestible masses of fat. These masses of fat are too large to be absorbed in the digestive tract, so they pass through your digestivesystem without being absorbed.  See the diagram below:

(-)FAT(-) -- (+)FiberLean(TM)(+) -- (-)FAT(-)

The diagram above illustrates how positively charged FiberLean(TM) acts
like a magnet, attracting negatively charged fat molecules.  This creates masses of fat that are too large to be absorbed in the digestive tract, so they pass through your digestive tract without being absorbed.


"Chitosan has been approved as a food additive in certain developed
countries.  Several toxicological studies have been shown it to be
nontoxic." (Hwang, D.  Department of Food Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.  1995.  43(1):  33-37.)


"The human studies show real and useful weight loss."
"Weight loss is the most dramatic result from Helsinki Chitosan clinical pilot study.  The subjects [who took Chitosan in the Helsinki weight loss program] lost an average of 8 percent of their body weight in a 4 week period."
(J. Abelin, A. Lassus, Fat Binder as a Weight Reducer in Patients with
Moderate Obesity, ARS Medicina, Helsinki, Aug-Oct, 1994.)

For example, someone participating in this study weighing 200 pounds who lost the average 8% of his or her body weight would have lost 16 pounds in just one month.  That's 4 pounds per week.

"Chitosan has potency for interfering with fat digestion and absorption in the intestinal tract, and for facilitating the excretion of dietary fat into the feces."
"Chitosan markedly increased the fecal lipid excretion and reduced the
apparent fat digestibility to about *A HALF* relative to the controls."
[asterisks and capitals added] (Deuchi, K.  Applied Research Center, Research and Development.  Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry.  1994.  58(9):1613-1616.)

"Chitosan has the very unique ability to lower LDL cholesterol (the bad
kind) while boosting HDL cholesterol (the good kind)."
"Japanese researchers have concluded that Chitosan 'appears to be an
effective hypocholesterolemic [cholesterol lowering] agent.'  In other
words, it can effectively lower blood serum cholesterol levels with no
apparent side effects.  A study reported in the "American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition" found that Chitosan is as effective in mammals as
cholestryramine (a cholesterol lowering prescription drug) in controlling blood serum cholesterol without the deleterious side effects typical of cholestryramine."
(Hennen W.  Chitosan.  Woodland Publishing.  1996.  15.)

"The most recent clinical tests on human subjects confirmed animal studies that have shown for years a reduction in intestinal fat in laboratory animals."
(Nauss J.L., Thompson J.L.  The Binding of Micellar Lipids to Chitosan.. Lipids 18 (10).  1983.  714-719.)


Chitosan has the very unique ability to lower LDL cholesterol (the bad
kind) while raising HDL cholesterol (the good kind).  Chitosan is also
effective in lowering blood serum cholesterol.
Virtually all medical professionals agree that lowering LDL cholesterol, boosting HDL cholesterol, and lowering blood serum cholesterol levels can greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a stroke or heart disease--America's number one killer.


Chitosan is a natural, effective dietary fiber, which helps the body
maintain healthy digestion and elimination functions.  Medical research has shown that people who consume high levels of dietary fiber can greatly reduce their risk of becoming a victim of colon cancer, an extremely painful and often fatal disease.


Here is an excerpt from the book "Chitosan" written by scientist, Dr.
William J. Hennen, Woodland Publishing, 1996.

"1.  Chitosan Provides a Realistic Approach to Fat and Fiber Intake.

Low-fat, high fiber advocates have recommended a diet that is calorically fueled between 10 and 20 percent fat and includes 35 to 45 grams of fiber.
Unfortunately, most of us, no matter how good our intentions are, will not be able to sustain this type of diet.  Therefore, if we are going to face facts, a diet that reduces fats to 20-30 percent of the total caloric valueand increases fiber to 20-30 grams/day is much more realistic and will help significantly in controlling weight, avoiding artery disease and promoting good colon health.

Taking Chitosan prior to eating a meal can make dietary fat goals much more attainable while promoting a number of desirable health benefits.  Because obesity ranks among the top ten diseases (which, by the way, are almost all related to obesity), the availability of a safe, health-promoting fat binder is desirable.

Weight control needs to be realistic and effective.  Workable weight loss programs are few and far between and usually involve a life style that many of us can never incorporate.  While Chitosan is not a panacea for maintaining our youthful figures, it could be a very powerful dietary complement, facilitating what might otherwise be unattainable.  Lowering the amount of dietary fats we eat, exercising more, and making sure we get enough fiber seems to be the winning combination for health and longevity. Chitosan is a valuable tool to use in attaining optimal nutrition and robust health.

2.  Chitosan is an Effective Fat Binder.

While all the previously mentioned properties of Chitosan are notable, its extraordinary ability to bind fats promises to be its most valuable asset. To reiterate, getting rid of fat after it has been stored as adipose tissue is much more difficult than neutralizing its effects before it enters the blood stream.  Chitosan accomplishes this formidable task by converting fatinto a
form that the body does not absorb and subsequently expels.

3.  Chitosan Has Remarkable Value.

Any of us who occasionally eat southern fried chicken, a Big Mac, or a
slice of cheesecake every once in a wile can profoundly benefit from the fat binding action of Chitosan.  As a fat binder, Chitosan can
significantly reduce the amount of fat that enters our bloodstream.

Consider the possibilities.  The foods mentioned above are full of excessfat grams.  If you take four capsules (1 gram) of Chitosan with ascorbic acid, which is generally recommended, the fat content of that food is dramatically lowered.

Remember the discussion on how the liver has to deal with excess fat?
Chitosan decreases the livers work load which lightens the stress put on other body organs by the presence of excess fat.  In other words, Chitosan eases the metabolic processes that kick in after we eat excess fat.  As far as our metabolic processes know, those fat grams may as well never existed.

4.  Why Chitosan is Called the Fiber of the Future.

After years of fiber hyping most of us are well aware of the profound
benefits that fiber has for human health and longevity.  Fiber is
considered a dieters best friend.  It has also been linked to slower rises in blood glucose which also profoundly affects how we store excess calories and when we feel hungry.

Most fibers are hydrophilic which means they repel fat and attract water. Psyllium, for example, is used for its bulk forming action.  This type of fiber absorbs water and is easily passed through the intestine, helping to maintain a normal bowel function.

Chitosan is different.  While it possesses many of the same benefits as
plant fibers like psyllium, Chitosan is lipophilic meaning that it loves fat.  It is a positively charged fiber that binds to negatively charged fatty acids.  A fiber that attracts fat is unique to say the least.

Simply stated:
-Chitosan is a non-digestible dietary fiber.
-Chitosan binds fats.
-Chitosan increases the excretion of dietary fats and cholesterol."
(Hennen W.  Chitosan.  Woodland Publishing.  1996.  20-22.)


FiberLean(TM) is only available from Danner Premium Health Products, and it comes with a sixty day UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

A full month's supply of 180 FiberLean(TM) capsules is only $39.95.

** For a limited time, when you order two bottles (a two month's supply) of FiberLean(TM), you'll get a third bottle ABSOLUTELY FREE. **

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards are welcome.

To order FiberLean(TM), or to have free information mailed to your postal address:

Call 520-453-0307, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Or send a check or money order to:

Danner Premium Health Products
P.O. Box 161
Quincy, MI 49082

Please add $3.00 shipping and handling per order.
Allow 7-10 days for UPS delivery.
UPS Second Day Air Delivery is available for an additional $3.00 per order.
Michigan residents, please add 6% sales tax.

All Canadian orders are shipped via Air Mail for $3.00 per order.
For orders outside of the US and Canada, shipping and handling is $15.00
per order.

Our manufacturing facility has an FDA drug manufacturing classification.
This means it is inspected about 5 times per year for cleanliness and
quality control.


Try FiberLean(TM) risk-free.  Your satisfaction is unconditionally
guaranteed.  If you do not lose at least 10 pounds within the first month of using FiberLean(TM), simply return the unused portion of your order within 60 days of receiving it for a full refund--no questions asked.

Because Chitosan is made from the exoskeletons of shellfish, people with shellfish allergies and pregnant or breast-feeding women should consult a physician before taking FiberLean(TM).

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