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[turbobike] Performance

Tue, 29 Dec 1998 00:04:34 EST

Well, Here I go again with the performance stats for my Turbo GSXR-1100
Same track running 12 pounds of boost with a 230 main jet  in the MIKUNI	42MM
carb and 61"inches of wheelbase. Best time was 9.13 and top speed  down the
quarter mile was 159.448 The 60' foot times were 1.56

I think I could have dialed it to a 8.90 or so, however the Turbo lost a seal,
because I found oil running out of the exhaust after the 9.13 pass.

I have checked the cranking pressure on the motor to find that it has about
150 pounds on each cylinder when tested cold.

I have not seen anything posted to this list in some time, is everyone OK
after the Christmas Holiday?

I hope to see some responses soon. 
I would also like to thank Custom Creations for coming on board as my paint
and body sponsor.