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Re: [turbobike] UK Streetfighter Articles

Rick (gsxr1100@ptw.com)
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 09:05:38 -0800

That would be great paul I would put them up on the site
Just email them to me

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>Hi again,
>I have quite a few issues of Streetfighters, (a mag here in the UK that
covers specialist high power bikes),  and I was wondering if anyone would
like the some of the turbo bikes featured in them??
>I have access to a scanner at work and sending them is not a problem.
Maybe I could scan them and e-mail to Rick, who could mount them on his web
site, (like the 7/11 article)??
>The language can be a bit strong, but some of the bikes are stunning.
>Let me know if you're interested.