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[turbobike] Horsepower Unlimited Set-Up

Richard E Crispin (rich@katech.com)
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 00:22:33 -0400

Richard E Crispin
12/10/98 12:22 AM

Does anyone on the list have any experience with the Horsepower Unlimited
(Whipple) supercharger set-up for Kawasaki engines?  ZX-11 engine in
particular (actually ZZR-1100 English version).  The engine is to be used
in a small, lightweight FWD sportscar that will only be able to put down
(realistically) about 225hp.  Instant response (torque) is much more
important than raw power.  Figure it would only have to run about 7.5psi
Set-up looks good from pictures, but concerned mostly about heat and
shock... will be using a "cush-drive" in the powertrain.
Would appreciate any insights before I call Mike Chestnut at H.U.
Rich (Crispin)