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[turbobike] (no subject)

Sun, 6 Dec 1998 18:08:57 EST

  Can anyone on this list assist me with Jetting specs for a Stock engine,
Suzuki, GSXR-1100 1127cc engine with a HRC draw through Turbo system.
    I have replaced the S&S carb with a Mikuni 42mm Flatslide carb, I am
looking for anyone that may have the same Turbo system.
It seems to load up on idle and has a rough transition from idle to midrange,
the Needle is # 95, the smaller jet is # 32.5 and the needle is in the richest
The air bleed screw is one half turn out.  I have not fitted the carb with the
air filter yet. I think I can fix the transition from Idle to mid range by
playing with the accelerator pump screws.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you