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[turbobike] ADV: Mexican Minning Opportunity

11/18/98 1:10:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time

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Rondal Gold Corporation (Alberta Stock Exchange symbol RGD.AL) has started the 
long awaited 
drilling on its Zacatecas site in Mexico. Company President, Dalton Dupasquier, has 
that he will travel to personally assess the progress of the drilling which contains an 
trending north south which is over two full km. in length and almost half a kilometer 
wide. All 
targets require drilling to moderate, to deep levels where both the maximum 
chargeabilities occur 
and the anomalies are best defined.

This company milestone will reactivate the investment community's interest in Rondal 
Corporation which stand to gains substantially from a possible copper find due to the 
operating costs with which it can process at levels far below other copper production 
sites. This 
interest from the investment community will also be derived from the close proximity 
this site has to 
Western Copper Holding's (WTC TSE currently trading at over $3) successfully 
proven reserves 
found only a few km. to the south of Rondal Gold Corp.'s drilling site. 

Base metals as well as precious metals are expected to rise due to market instability 
and a 
resulting flight to safety and quality. The expert team that Rondal Gold has put 
together will most 
surely capitalize on the unique opportunity that the Zacatecas site represents for the 
and its shareholders.

For further information regarding Rondal Gold Corporation please visit our Website at 
(http://www.rondalgold.com) or call us at 1-800-665-4288 or 604-929-4288 and ask for 
Huston or President Dalton Dupasquier at (604)682-0410.

This material is being provided by Rondal Gold Corporation and is for informational 
purposes only 
and is not to be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy any 
Overseas Investment is a paid consultant to Rondal Gold Corporation and has 
provided this 
information in conjunction with its services to Rondal Gold Corp. The information 
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is based on material which Rondal Gold Corp. believes to be reliable but as to which 
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