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[turbobike] I need help locating dirt bike part

Wed, 21 Oct 1998 22:00:32 -0700

I hope you can help me with some parts I need.  They are dirtbike parts, I got your email
address off the net with keyword search of suzuki, parts, and thought I would try to email
a few places hopeing to find what I need.  It has been quite a problem locating parts for
the bike, and quite costly, and unfortunantly I am ready to give up trying to fix the bike,
but I thought I would try one last time.

I purchased a cylinder for a 1991RM 250, realizing that I need the exhaust valves, seats,
rod, and many other little pieces.  If You Happen to have a cylinder laying around with the
pieces for the exhaust valves, side covers for the valves on the head etc, let me know how
 much $$ you would want for it.  

If you have anything I can use email to mailto:fiero@nettaxi.com and leave details of what
you have, cost, and a contact number I can phone you with.

Thank You for your time,