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[turbobike] supercharged two-stroke

aborcyk (aborcyk@stny.lrun.com)
Mon, 12 Oct 98 22:58:37

  I read an article at the turbocharged gsxr page (dirt cheap supercharger) and
I am inticed.  I have 74 rd350 in the garage that I would like to try this on.
There are a few things I'm not too sure of though.  Are expansion chambers important on a blown two-stroke?  Will the excessive crank pressure be a problem? ( ie. blown crank seals, too high primary compression, ect. )
How much boost pressure sholud I start with?  And finally, does anyone have a diagram or pic. of how to mount one of these pumps to the engine?

  Any help or coments welcome.  If you are wondering, Yes this is my first attempt to force feed anything. Dependig on my results I hope to build a supercharged H2 750 based drag-bike.