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[turbobike] fuel injection

Sat, 26 Sep 1998 23:57:20 EDT

Has anyone on the list done their own fuel injection system?
If so what electronic control unit did you use and what degree of dificulty
was it to do?
I want fuel injection but noone makes a bolt-on kit for my bike (94 Kaw ZX9
using an Aerodyne turbo).
I will not deal with Hahn Jr.so that option is out.I have heard that Mr Turbo
may be using a programmable unit in the near future.
Anyone have any info for me?I have looked at all the fuel injection control
sites and I must say it doesnt look too dificult.(well that is what I thought
about doing my own turbo system too LOL)
Besides this list was starting to seem kinda dead LOL
By the way guys I will have a new dyno chart scanned soon.Does 160HP sound
right for 8lbs of boost and no intercooler?