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Re: [turbobike] Fw: help

Phillip Foulston (hyperspace@dial.pipex.com)
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 20:52:34 +0100


I had a similar problem when I tuned a GS750.
Basically I had the head skimmed and bolted on some 28mm Deloto smoothbores.
The symptoms you describe are exactly the same as I had.
Great power upto about 7000 then it died till about 8000 when it pulled
I did a plug chop and they were white (way too lean) so I increased the size
of the main jets this made absolutely no difference at all.
I managed to resolve it with a free flow fuel tap and larger bore petrol
I also suggest that you check for air leaks in your inlet manifold (speaks
the voice of expence and the owner of one holed piston).
Hope this helps.


Drop me an email about the kit you said you could supply me with because I
am waiting to bolt a turbo onto my ZX-9R and am still looking for the best
way of doing it.
Where can I get a garret turbo from?
If anyone else has any suggestions please drop me an email.

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From: Rick <gsxr1100@ptw.com>
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Date: 15 August 1998 06:33
Subject: [turbobike] Fw: help

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>>I am not sure if this went out to everyone if not would you please forward
>>attached is a dyno chart from my 94 ZX9
>>I have a 94 ZX9 and am using an Aerodyne Turbo blowing thru the stock
>>the bike is set at 9.5-1 compression
>>it has a full epoxy ported head but still using stock valves
>>MSD ignition
>>Muzzy adjustable timing advancer set at stock timing for now
>>Muzzy adjustable cam sprockets degreed at 103.5/103.5
>>The Turbo is set at 8psi boost
>>I am pressurizing the carbs thru the same place that they were with the
>>the bike pulls real strong until approx 7,000 rpms then it has a HUGE dip
>>it before it trys to pull again
>>these are all the things I have checked to try and solve the problem:
>>Fuel Pressure:Put a gage inline and it rises up as boost level increases
>>have a gage between the fuel pump and the regulator with plenty of
>>being supplied to the regulator I even put a brand new regulator on
>>Ignition:Tried it with the MSD on and off also tried a different set of
>>with no effect on the dip
>>Turbo:tried running the bike without the turbo and it pulled fine all the
>>up to redline
>>Traced all the wiring to ensure no loose ground or crossed wires
>>Battery:put a brand new one in and checked the voltage and charging system
>>everything was ok
>>Jetting:up and down with no effect on the canyon that is my power curve
>>I have made close to 70 pulls on the dyno with ABSOLUTELY no variation on
>>where the dip occurs.
>>It is the smallest turbo that Aerodyne makes could I be overspeeding the
>>already due to the epoxy head flowing so much air?
>>Well I think that is everything any and all help would be greatly
>>appreciated.Cause I think I have tried everything and I am all out of
>>altitude,airspeed and ideas
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