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Re: Fwd: [turbobike] Fw: Help!!!!!

Mon, 17 Aug 1998 22:52:14 EDT

analysis from a friend on the power dip problem.............

<<<.....the bike pulls real strong until approx 7,000 rpms then it has a
HUGE dip in it before it trys to pull again.>>>

    Jeez....I don't think you could call that a "dip" its absolutely
dying.  First I don't think that could be needle taper because generally
needle taper affects 3000 to 5000 rpm, needle height affects 5000 to
7000 and the main jet affects 7000 on, that's from my jet kit
instructions.  I think its definately running out of fuel or for some
reason its not being burned, but not because of a jet problem.  He said
he wanted to put a A/F moniter on but is the dyno so bad that it doesn't
have one?  (those sensors you see stuck down the exhaust)  Problems like
this on Harleys almost always boil down to a fuel restriction, petcock,
small fuel lines, to small a tank vent line.  I wonder how affended he
would be if someone suggested going to a different tuner with a Factory
(if ones available) dyno instead of a Dynojet.  But anyway did I read
that right and its making 200+ horsepower?  Wow.