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Turbocharged, Supercharged, and Hotrod Motorcycles: Re: [turbobike] oil return problem

Re: [turbobike] oil return problem

christer johansson (christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se)
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 00:15:55 +0200


I saw the drawing on the oil return reed and got very interested
Iīve also have some problems with My oil return. Now Iīm using
a very similar system to the one in the drawing, but instead of a
reed valve Iīm using a valve between the turbo and the oil pan
wich is controlled by oil pressure wich is supposed to open the
valve when the motor is started and close when the motor shuts
off, but itīs not that easy cause itīs hard to get the spring inside
the valve right, either itīs to hard and the wants to close when
the motor is idling, or itīs to soft and donīt close when I turn
off the motor and fills up the exhaust with oil.
But this reed valve, isnīt it restrictive to the oil flow into the pump?
Does Your system work OK , no smoke out the exhaust on idle
or 1gallon of oil in the exhaust when you start it up?


Rick skrev:

> Hi
> how high did you mount the turbo?
> the oil return should be mounted above the oil level like the oil fill plug,
> Not the oil pan this is below the oil level .
> I sometimes get a little oil in my turbo.
> I use a device simular to the picture below
> if you have any questions you can call me i'm in california
> 805-944-5513
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> >Hello again!
> >
> >I have now mounted a turbo on my GSX-R 1100 '86, and I
> >got some problems.
> >The problem is that oil keeps leaking in to the turbo from
> >the oil return line, which I have mounted directly to the oil pan.
> >I've tried to mount the turbo as high as I could on the bike.
> >This only occurs when the bike is not run.
> >I've seen from the pictures on Rick's bike that his turbo is mounted
> >much lower than mine. How do you solve this problem?
> >Or is it just me that's having this problem?
> >
> >/Ove
> >
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